Професионална бягаща пътека от най-висок клас. Нова технология на задвижване. Мотор до 8,4 к.с.

Наклон до 15% - електронно регулиране.

Скорост до 16 км/ч.

14 тренировъчни програми.

тегло 180кг

Бягаща повърхност: 153 х 56 см , двупластова, антистатична

Размери: Ш90 х В152 х Д214 см.


2  години гаранция при професионална употреба


ENDURO FLEX CUSIONING DECK: An innovative design new to the fitness market provides  users with a comfortable and quiet workout while reducing impact up to 40%.   This 1” reversible , Double sided Phenolic  Deck is wax lubricated thus eliminating stress on the motor.

ENDURANCE MOTORS: Endurance by Body Solid T100 motor is the heaviest and most powerful motor of its class.  Our 3hp continuous duty motor has a large diameter with all steel zinc coated balanced flywheels for a vibration-free running surface.    Our new  ENDURO Motor Filtration cools and cleans the motor for longer life.

BELT: The Endurance T100 has a durable multi ply belt  carefully  chosen to provide comfort and substantially reduce impact  energy from each foot strike.


Our new advanced LED console  combines  the latest  technology  in commercial treadmills with a user- friendly , simplistic design.  A large dot matrix display features Track, Speed and Incline profiles intermittently for efficient feedback on the progress of the workout. Whether you’re walking or running,  each console button is oversized for easy speed and incline adjustability. A large stop button with an emergency stop safety key adds  safety to any workout.


  • Designated Speed and Incline Windows
  • Console dims:  20”W x15”H
  • 1/4 mile track- displayed around the dot matrix window.  A flashing dot will indicate progress with a lap counter in the center of the track.
  • Heart Rate Feature- pulse window (heart rate) displays heart rate through the stainless steel sensors on each side of the treadmill. This feature may be used while in the Heart  Rate Control mode with an optional Polar compatable chest strap transmitter.
  • Heart Rate Bar Graph- displays graphical representation of your heart rate as a percentage of your maximum heart rate.
  • Message Window Display-guides the user through the programming process and displays workout data.
  • metric/standard units
  • telemetric heart rate-optional strap required



Body-solid ENDURANCE T100A, бягаща пътека

  • 8 290,00 лв.

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